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wedstyle has a large selection of furniture, props and stylish items available for hire and/or can be arranged to be personally styled for your wedding, private event or corporate event.

Styling can range from simple floral decorations to lavish chairs, lounges, covers, exquisite fabrics and colours, backdrops and lighting to suit the theme and mood of the special occasion or event.

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our popular hire products

Fully Illuminated Bridal Table & Personalized Monogram – Starting from $1,200

Photo courtesy of Erica Serena Photographer

Flower Walls and Accessories – Starting from $660 incl. GST, Delivery & Pick up.

See more options of our Flower Walls here

Specialty Bridal Canopy Backdrop with hanging chandeliers – $2,200 incl. Delivery, Set up & Pick up

Contact our team for more backdrop options 

Silver Sequin Backdrop – Starting from $1,200 incl. LED uplights, Delivery, Set up & Pick up

Posh & Beck Throne Chairs for Bride & Groom – $350/set

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