Our team

GLEN TAYLOR: Founder & Principal Stylist

I have always been creative since my childhood: when my parents went out and left me alone, I’d redecorate the house. Even when I have stayed in hotels, I’d rearrange the furniture.

However, my Dad wanted me to get a government job so I started Accounting. I really hated Accounting and being stuck in an office.

I traveled a lot to Europe and America and when I came back I realised there was nowhere in Perth for men and women to be pampered for by a man. Even at Macy’s in New York, it was all men working at the make-up counters in tuxedos and it was amazing for me to see that.

So when I came back to Perth I studied Aesthetics and I’ve been doing Beauty Therapy for both Male & Female clients for about 30 years now and I was the only qualified Male Beautician in Perth back then.

I had been friends with my partner Craig for about four years before we became a couple and have been together now for twelve. I told him one day I needed to do something different for events, something a bit different and modern. We decided to begin our business together, to organise stylish and luxurious Weddings & Events. We had been helping friends in the industry and I could see a demand for the modern bride instead of the traditional.

“Our style is very modern, very clean, and very crisp.”

We hold no liability for “Jaw-Dropping”.

I don’t think there’s anything quite like our business in Perth, where a Bride can come in and see first-hand what we do and can organise everything for them, including make-up, hair styling, catering, flowers, stationery, transport- pretty much everything.

Our business is effectively a ONE STOP SHOP!

CRAIG GRIGSON: Founder & Logistics Guru

When I met Glen, I had been in the Banking Industry for 30 years and was working very long hours. I was ready and looking for something else to do.

Glen told me that he also needed to do something different, something more creative, modern, and interesting in the Events Industry. wedstyle was born in 2008, and I take care of all of the financial/admin/operations sides of the business and bookings.

I am far more practical than Glen, our differences mean we work well together because even if I do rein him in sometimes the event still looks fantastic and I’m always amazed at his attention to detail.

We are very invested in people’s weddings. If there are certain things people want, we will do it for them, but we try to encourage them to let Glen take care of things and relax because we will give them what they want and do so much more.

DAWGIE: Wedstyle Mascot

Dawgie is our best acolyte. She is definitely a part of our team and accompanies us in most of our meetings both in the Showroom & off-site. Dawgie is usually found sitting at the feet of our clients!


To provide you with a little inspiration to create your perfect day, please find detailed below our list of trusted friends whose quality of works will be guaranteed.

Our friends


Jason Soon Photography

W: www.jasonsoon.com.au
E: info@jasonsoon.com.au
P: 0402 851 168


Studio Muse

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E: info@studiomuse.com.au
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Urban Light Films

W: urbanlight.com.au
E: Derek@urbanlight.com.au
P: 0400 123 488


Vintage Photobooth

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E: vintagewa@photobooth.net.au
P: 0457 445 577



W: creativecateringperth.com
E: ccatering@optusnet.com.au
P: Adam – 0433 999 249



W: www.cakelovecouture.com.au
E: hello@cakelovecouture.com.au
P: 0400 186 590



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E: info@andrewpickering.com.au
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E: enquiry@championmusic.com.au
P: (08) 9444 7510

YaniQue Dance Fusion

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P: 0431 127 654